Entertainment Services

Arts & Crafts Tables

Why not let Splatz set up a themed arts and crafts table. Whether it be painting, stickers, stamps, glitter, colouring and the list goes on. Splatz's favorite thing is arts and crafts. Let us make your event unforgettable with a table of creativity.

Balloon Animals

 Kids love balloons, whether it be a balloon hat, sword or animal, Splatz loves getting creative with balloons and kids love watching them bring the balloons to life. 


From superheros to villans to animals or even your favorite fantasy creature, let Splatz make those kids into wonderful characters at your event with her facepainting skills. 

Bouncy Castles and other fun stuff

From bouncy castles, to cotton candy, snowcones, dunk tanks and the list goes on. Let Splatz bring along something to make that special event a hit. 

Clown Entertainment, Interactive Storytelling and Magic

Clowns are not all scary, when it comes to Splatzy, she is fun, bubbly and entertaining. Let Splatzy be a part of your little one's special day. 

Splatzy can make your child's day by doing interactive storytelling or even a mini magic show

Loot Bags & Decorating

When it comes to parties and events, Splatz can take the headache away and do the work for you. Splatz can even take care of the decorating and loot bags so all you need to do is worry about making sure no one leaves hungry.